Top 10 Futuristic Concept Bike Designs

Top 10 Futuristic Concept Bike Designs 1

Innovations are born from ideas, and, in this case, from hand drawn designs. While many of these still remain a sketch in a notepad or a 3-D image in a computer, eventually we could see them riding up the street or highway in our local neighborhood!

10. Icare Motorbike

Icare Motorbike, Icare Concept Motorbike

The Icare is a high-end futuristic bike that includes style and a unique, one of a kind look. Designed by Enzyme in Paris for Honda, the Icare motorcycle is conceptualized to have a 6 cylinder 1800CC engine. This beauty could also be more than just a concept before long considering Enzyme’s last concept, Atomo V1000, went into production.

9. Peraves Monotracer Jet Bike

monoracer, Peraves Monotracer Jet Bike

You may think you saw this design before in a Sci-Fi movie somewhere. The Peraves MonoTracer Jet Bike is an aerodynamic design with speeds that top off at 155 miles per hour. Similar to the controls to a car, the design is a pedal operated accelerator with steering wheel control. The two door, dual seat design is an updated version of the Swiss Econmobile.

8. Wind-Solar Energy Bike

wind-solar concept bike, Wind-Solar Energy Bike

This eco-friendly, wind-solar concept bike conserves energy – your energy that is. Can’t make it up that steep slope? No problem, switch over the automatic motor! The Wind-Solar Energy hybrid bike is covered with solar panels with a spoiler to help provide life force to lighten the bike weight and a motor and electricity coils setting designed at the front and back wheel. This means the Wind-Solar Energy bike can produce electric power while rotating at ordinary times.

7. Harley Davidson 2020

Harley Davidson 2020, Harley Davidson

This is not your traditional one of a kind Harley, but it is still one of a kind. This design will be easy to recognize and retains the company’s well-known air-cooled v-twin powerplant. Other features are a powerful 883CC engine with big wheels and bearings. Those are the only design features the company has kept, however, and the design uses a hubless drive system as its centerpiece.

6. Bombadier Embrio

bombadier, Bombadier Embrio

Using hydrogen fuel cells and an electric motor for the main wheel power, the Bombadier Embrio emits only water as its fuel by-product. Gyroscopically balanced, the design is mean to be a one-wheeled recreational and commuting vehicle. This robotic unicycle is a “smart,” or robotic to be more precise, vehicle with sensors to balance passengers. With a trigger on the left handlebar to accelerate and turned by shifting body-weight rather than steering.