Top 10 Excuses To Leave Work Early

Top 10 Excuses To Leave Work Early

You’ve made it to the office for work, but you have an emergency and need to leave right away! Or maybe it isn’t really an emergency and you just don’t want to work the rest of the afternoon. Don’t sweat the dreaded, “Why?” and keep these excuses ready for in a pinch.

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10. Sick

Ok, obvious? Maybe, but it is a tried and true excuse for leaving work early. To make the excuse really stick, claim an infectious disease like the flu. Most bosses will be concerned for the health and well-being of the entire office, not to mention their concern for your health.

9. Dentist Appointment

This excuse my need a little prep and planning time. Tooth pain is terrible and chances are your boss has been there! Play up or even act and fake the pain and let your boss know you need a dentist appointment. Up the stakes by letting your boss know how difficult it is to make an appointment this quickly.

8. Special Delivery

Delivery companies are annoying, but can also make an excellent excuse! The delivery service will only deliver during regular business hours – as in YOUR regular business hours. What are you going to do? As long as this is not a normal occurrence chances are your boss will be understanding and let you skip out ahead of time to collect your package.

7. Death

WARNING: Some may be turned off by this excuse.

Claiming the death of a distant relative or family friend and that you’d like to attend the funeral, there are few bosses who would refuse.

6. Personal Issues

This is a one use only excuse. Personal issues are great because they are, for lack of a better word, personal. Very few bosses will ask for more details with this excuse, but in case they do remain vague and hint that it is personal and family related.

5. Home Emergencies

“Aaaaaaaah! My toilet blew up!” This excuse may require a partner in crime to text or call you as a well-meaning neighbor about your home emergency. Just don’t forget to come in looking worried and drowned the next day.

4. Driving Family To or From the Airport

Family if you can’t tell is a great place to look for excuses. Travel is unpredictable and planes have delays and all kinds of problems that can make travel timing go wrong. Being the kind, considerate individual you are you are going and picking up your family member after a very hectic day or night of travel.

3. Special Occasions

Weddings in particular are great get out of work excuses. What boss would say you can’t attend a family member’s wedding? Other good occasions to use could include bar mitzvahs and special birthday parties (your great-great-grandmother’s 100th birthday?) are great ways to mix up your excuses. Wouldn’t want your boss to start catching on to your genius!

2. Children

Do we need to say anything more? Kids are a great source for excuses because those of you know with children, you’re rarely making all of this up. Some basic excuses are picking up the kids, the kids locked themselves out, or my child stuck a marble up his nose and needs to go to the hospital. (Seriously, you can’t make some of this stuff up!)

1. Early Guests

You’re having your second cousin who you haven’t seen in five years and they just called you that they’re arriving earlier than expected? Ok! How is your boss to know your second cousin is really your lazy boy chair?