Samsung To Launch Galaxy S4 On March 14

Samsung To Launch Galaxy S4 On March 14

After months of speculation, Samsung have finally confirmed that they will be revealing the Galaxy S IV on March 14th at a dedicated event in New York. The March 14th date was widely predicted throughout the industry before the official invitations were sent, as press were expecting Samsung to wait until the Mobile World Conference in Barcelona, but the confirmation is exciting nonetheless for those who have long-anticipated the newest Galaxy device.

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Despite there being little information about the handset at this stage, online stores are already allowing customers to register an interest in the Galaxy S4. Enough rumours have circulated that a fairly solid prediction can be drawn about its features, so here’s what industry experts are expecting from the press event next month:


The Galaxy S IV is expected to boast Samsung’s new eight-core processor, alongside a separate eight-core graphics processing unit, with 2GB RAM. A five-inch display with an impressive 1920×1080 resolution and a 13-megapixel camera should keep photographers happy, while the predicted 2-megapixel front-facing camera would enable users to take quick social snaps and make high-quality video calls. It should be running on the latest version of Android, the Jelly Bean.


Alongside the inner workings of the phone, there are a number of additions contributing to the handset’s design and functionality which should make it a strong contender in this year’s smartphone market should they turn out to be more than rumour. In December, the concept of a super-strong, flexible display started making the rounds in connection with the Galaxy S IV. It’s well-known that Samsung has been working on this technology, but whether it will be featured on the upcoming device remains to be seen. Other predictions include the capacity for wireless charging, and a build that creates the impression that the screen reaches the edges of the handset.


The Samsung Galaxy S IV is expected to see stiff competition this year from the iPhone 6, which has only just started its turn on the rumour wheel. It’s not expected until summer/autumn, which gives Samsung a great opportunity to gain some ground if the April release prediction is correct.

Even after the iPhone 6’s release, it’s likely that the S IV won’t see too much change in profit, as fans of the manufacturer and the Android software are slowly becoming as loyal as Apple’s own fanbase! The Galaxy S3 sparked a new trend in smartphone buying, as one of the first handsets to overtake the iPhone in sales – the BBC reported that by the third quarter of last year Samsung had reported record profits. The hype around the S4 suggests we could be expecting another great victory for Samsung in 2013!