Apple Is Allegedly Working On iOS-Powered Smart Watch With Foxconn Testing Its Design

Apple Is Allegedly Working On iOS-Powered Smart Watch With Foxconn Testing Its Design

Recent reports suggest that the Cupertino, Calif.-based tech magnate, Apple, is currently working for yet another innovative piece of technology—the iWatch. While the recent trend shows the company is jumping into “bigger smartphones” bandwagon, the claim that it is planning to release a wrist-wearable “smart watch” suggest it seeks to dominate in other markets.

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Apple’s iWatch will be running the company’s proprietary iOS. This leaves enthusiasts to speculate if the main purpose of the device is to tell time just like typical watches or become a much smaller version of the iPhone. The New York Times columnist, Nick Bilton, reported it will function as a watch and a smartphone.

The rumors of the Apple iWatch started late 2011 when Bilton reported the tech giant was planning to build wearable devices. Foxconn is reportedly doing some tests on undisclosed technologies that could be used in wearable devices. Furthermore, the Taiwan-based company was allegedly working with chip makers as well as finding ways to produce energy-efficient battery cells that could be used in much smaller devices.

Another reporter, Jessica E. Lessin, from the Journal, said in her story that the company is currently experimenting with designs for the iWatch. Among other things Apple has reportedly been doing was testing some functionality of a smartphone that could be ported into a watch-like device. Moreover, it is now in talks with its manufacturing partner, Hon Hai Precision Industry Co.

The rumors got silenced in the mid 2012 but it became alive again in December when reports suggesting Apple was collaborating with Intel on a Bluetooth smartwatch that was said to debut sometime this year (2013).

With this development and if there are some truth behind these claims, in the following weeks, the buzz will grow surrounding the existence of the first every smart watch. But until now, there is no confirmation from the company that this project actually exists. It could be one thing that could excite iOS enthusiasts, but for now, it should be taken with a grain of salt.

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