10 Ways Facebook Makes You Smarter

5. Writing Skills

facebook writing, Writing Skills

While many believe writing has taken a nose dive with new vocabulary and writing styles being developed by Tweeters and Facebook users, studies show that the opposite is likely to be true. With more practiced writing due to Facebook posts and switching between different media and purposes has been shown to help students adapt their writing and that it has a similar effect on the brain to switching between two languages.

4. Reading

facebook read, Reading

With more writing there is also more to read. After all, Facebook is a largely text-based platform. Additionally the social networking giant helps develop selective reading skills. Scanning through news feeds gives your brain practice sorting through the information and focusing only on the most interesting pieces of information.

3. Improved Logical Reasoning

facebook logic, Improved Logical Reasoning

Arguing is a central part of human interaction – and everyone has an opinion. Argument is a great exercise for your brain and Facebook gives the perfect environment for creating insightful, thought-out arguments and points of view. This means you are exercising more and practices reasoning skills and critical thinking.

2. Crystallized Intelligence

facebook crystal, Crystallized Intelligence

Crystallized intelligence is the point where cultural intelligence, political intelligence, and social intelligence meet and create your stored knowledge. This includes vocabulary, history, current events, etc. That description in itself seems to describe social media in general.

1. Critical Thinking

facebook think, Critical Thinking

Creative and critical thinking are likely to be the last things you are concerned with while playing Farmville or BeJewled, but studies show that playing puzzle-type video games actually improve both these functions. The reason for this is that playing video games chemically rewards your brain for critical thinking.

Social media is all about social practice. Humans are social through conversations, collaboration, and communication  – all of which improve our intelligence.