Wi-Fi Communication Between Connected Appliances – The Next Technological Revolution

Wi-Fi Communication Between Connected Appliances - The Next Technological Revolution

It’s starting to seem normal that you’d want to connect your mobile phone to your TV via Wi-Fi nowadays. After all, the practicalities are endless; you can record your favourite shows remotely if you forget or you’re running late; you can set reminders for when you get in if you’ve seen an advert for a new show you want to watch while you’re out and about; and thanks to the latest models of smartphones it’s even possible to use your phone as a remote to play games on your Smart TV when you are in the room.

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Are Wi-Fi Appliances the Next Stage?

Last year though Korean tech giants, LG, released a whole host of Wi-Fi connected appliances, many of which are specifically intended for the kitchen.

The new LG fridge is a particularly useful example of a connected appliance, as it’s able to send you messages while you’re out and about if you’re running low of a specific item, or something you often use is about to go out of date. In theory, just by connecting your refrigerator to the internet, you can completely eliminate the need for shopping lists.

As well as the obvious items like fridges and freezers, AppliancesDirect has many more Wi-Fi connecting appliances. There are a number of other small and large household appliances in the new LG “connectable” range, as well as this technology being offered more regularly by other manufacturers such as Samsung too.

Smart Ovens

Ovens, for example, are particularly handy when connected, as you can send reminders for them to turn on before you get in from work, or turn off if you think you might have forgotten.

Vacuum cleaners, for example, are now able to clean carpets themselves without the aid of a human pushing them around; setting a vacuum to go off while you’re out of the house could save you lots of hassle. Likewise, Wi-Fi washing machines are capable of self-diagnosing their own problems and reporting them to their owners, as well as being turned on and off remotely while you’re out…or even monitoring the progress of your wash on a computer or smart TV.