Top 10 Things You Can’t Know

Top 10 Things You Can't Know 1

In spite of the vast advancements in technology and the resulting increase in interconnectivity within this world, there are still plenty of well-kept secrets. Through privacy laws, of course, the government has ensured that such secrets – like the 10 listed below – remain privy only to a certain few.

 10. Trade Secrets

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Secret: Trade Secrets

Needed to ensure healthy competition in a world that’s largely capitalistic, legal provisions have been put in place to ensure that the trade secrets of companies are kept hush to avoid or at least minimize the presence of cheap replicas of their goods in the market – such undesirable situations could destroy the balance of things and in the bigger picture, the economy.

9. Oil 

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Secret: Locations of Oil Deposits

If everyone knew the exact locations of all oil deposits, there’d be wars waged all over as people scramble to claim land that could guarantee instant wealth. Of course, there are those who do own such land but in a bid to set a level playing field, the government’s tendency to favor corporations over individuals when it comes to ownership has become pretty apparent.

8. Intelligence 

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Secret: Any “Intelligence” the Government Chooses to Withhold

It’s no secret that the government has and is able to obtain information about things that have happened, are happening and will happen in various countries and to citizens of those countries. These classified bits of information are packed into manila folders stashed away under lock and key; from time to time, the government, facing pressure from the Freedom of Information Act, may purposely leak a little information but nothing that could place a country or person in jeopardy, of course.

7. Insider Information

Insider Information

Secret: Insider Information

Being in the know of financial reports that have not been released to the public and using them to one’s advantage is deemed unfair as well as unlawful on the basis that a person, having knowledge of such information, may cheat the system and grant him or herself an unauthorized payday.

6. Banking 

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Secret: Bank Account Information

Quite unlike the few aforementioned legal provisions, this particular one does not work in favor of the government. Under the Swiss Banking Act, created in 1934, off-shore bank accounts and any information related to it have actually been guaranteed protection which makes lying about one’s level of wealth and tax evasion possible.