Top 10 Strange Medical Conditions

5. Hypertrichosis


The next condition is one that results in an uncontrollable growth of bodily hair which isn’t confined to just, what most of us feel are, normal parts of the human body and this also explains the nickname it has been given: “human werewolf syndrome”. This medical condition may be strange but with only an estimated 50 known cases today, it certainly is rare.

4. Trimethylaminuria


Otherwise known as “fish odor syndrome”, this condition is characterized by the strong fishy smell or, in the more fortunate cases, extremely bad body odor emitted by the sufferer. The reason behind such an unfortunate illness is the lack of certain enzymes which are needed to break down the compound trimethylamine; the compound is then released in the urine, saliva and sweat of the sufferer.

3. Foreign Accent Syndrome

Foreign Accent Syndrome, Foreign Accent

Adopting a foreign accent for no reason can be either amusing or annoying for recipients in the conversation but did you know that for some, changes in accent are actually the result of a very legitimate medical condition? The FAS is typically a result of having had some form of trauma to the brain – a stroke, for example – and though the name only says “foreign accent”, the severity of the condition can manifest in such a way that some may even end up speaking in a completely different tongue.

2. Progeria


Probably the most tragic and destructive one on the list, this strange medical condition is known to have caused the deaths of its sufferers even before they’ve reached their 20s. This extremely rare disease is caused by a defect in the body cell nucleus which results in an acceleration in the ageing process.

1. Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome

Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome

Last on the list is the medical condition otherwise known as “Restless Genital Syndrome”. Sufferers – majority of whom are females – are afflicted with an unyielding, unsatisfiable and often random arousal. The unfortunate thing about it is that most of the time, sufferers of PSAS have to put up with such symptoms even when they’re not keen on engaging in any sexual activity whatsoever and for most of them, sex and/or masturbation actually provides more relief than pleasure.