Top 10 Reasons Why Humans Are Obsessed With The Apocalypse

5. It’s Predicted … 

Mayan calendar, prediction, Mayan calendar prediction

… by, well, almost every religion. And with religion being a major influence over the citizens of practically every country there, it’s safe to say that many do believe that the world really is coming to an end.

4. It’s Common Sense

Common Sense

Religion aside, it’s logical to think that, what with climate change and the sorry state the environment is in, the Earth may not be able to sustain us much longer. Of course scientists and researchers are not giving up on the idea of alternative energy sources and neither have enthusiastic environmentalists in their war against all things bad for the Earth and the environment – who knows but there might still be hope for Earth after all!

3. There Are No Consequences If There’s No Tomorrow 

No Consequences If There's No Tomorrow

Credit card debts, student loans, taxes, mortgage … there’s no end to this exhaustive list of crazy things some of us have to wake up to practically everyday. But, if the world comes to an end, all these could and will be erased, would it not?

2. It Makes Us Understand Ourselves Better

Understand Ourselves Better, Understand youself

When you take a look at most apocalyptic science-fiction movies, you get a glimpse of the way humans might react in such chaotic situations. In that sense, you’re actually able to better understand and prepare yourselves should such a situation actually occur.

1. You’re Right

You're Right, end is near

So the world is still around even though the Mayans predicted that it will end in 2012 and it’s so easy to mock them and others who have attempted to predict the end of days for failing to do so accurately. But if you actually think about it, the world will, religiously speaking or otherwise, one day, end because as with all things, the Earth cannot last forever.