Top 10 Little-Known Stunning Natural Wonders

5. Valle de la Luna

Valle de la Luna, Valle de la Luna chile

Location: Chile

If you’ve always dreamt of going to the Moon, you might want to consider this beautiful spot as your next holiday destination. Spanish for Valley of the Moon, Valle de Luna is located in Chile and its surroundings bear a very close resemblance to that of the Moon; craters and all.

4. Colca Canyon

Colca Canyon, Colca Canyon peru

Location: Peru

Another canyon on the list! But this time, the Colca Canyon in Peru does actually consist of canyons and is in fact twice as deep as the Grand Canyon. In spite of that, the canyon is still being populated by small communities who have cleverly made use of the pre-Inca stepped terraces for agriculture purposes.

3. Wai-o-Tapu

Wai-o-Tapu, Wai-o-Tapu new zealand

Location: New Zealand

There’s plenty to see at the Wai-o-Tapu; from various types of pools to geysers and to colored lakes as well. It may be a little more than a three hour walk for those planning on exploring the entirety of one of New Zealand’s finest thermal wonderlands but be assured that you will be rewarded by spectacular views and amazing natural wonders everywhere you look.

2. Jiuzhaigou Valley

Jiuzhaigou Valley, Jiuzhaigou Valley china

Location: China

Surrounded by lush greenery, snow capped mountains and abundant with beautiful rivers and lakes, the name of the Valley was derived from the nine Tibetan villages found in the Valley – Jiuzhaigou literally means “nine villages”.

1. Tsingy de Bemaraha 

Tsingy de Bemaraha, Tsingy de Bemaraha Madagascar

Location: Madagascar

Known as “Tsingy” in the native dialect of Madagascar, the stunning limestone formations are just one of the many things – mangrove forests and a wide array of wildlife – that make the Tsingy de Bemaraha deserving of a place on this list.