Top Facebook Trends of 2012

Top Facebook Trends of 2012

Yesterday, we took a look at Twitter’s top trending topics for the past year, and now we have Facebook’s recently released statistics for their top trends in songs, books, and movies. Facebook has also introduced a few changes to their social network during 2012; at first they were optional, and then they were a mandatory suggestion. Now that the world has gotten used to the cover photo, we will admire these most talked about topics until there is another profile refresh that leaves the Internet users in another uproar.

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First, let’s take a took at the top songs played by Facebook users during the past year. The top 5, starting at the bottom, include Payphone by Maroon 5 and What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction. Taking the bronze badge for 2012 is Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen, followed by Somebody I Used To Know by Gotye. Finally, Facebook’s top played song is the song heard covered by Glee and in the occasional Apple keynote presentation, so congratulations to fun. for We Are Young, and now these continually catchy songs will be stuck in your head once again after remembering how much you either loved or hated hearing them over the past year.


Next, we see how much reading the Facebook community did during the last 365 days and who takes the place of the most popular book among them. At the number 5 spot, it is kind of surprising to see Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone; the first of the seven-book series, this is the book that started an international phenomenon leading to eight very popular movies, loads of merchandise, and it’s own section in Islands of Adventure in Orlando, Florida.

Not so surprisingly, Fifty Shades of Grey takes the next spot on the list; this Twilight fan-fiction series spread like wildfire and is now rumored to have a movie in the works. Lastly, taking all three top spots for top books read by Facebook users is the entire Hunger Games trilogy. Suzanne Collins definitely did something right when creating these futuristic, coming-of-age, revolution stories, and the series has certainly aided in reviving archery among the younger generation. With one movie out and two more soon to follow, the Hunger Games has earned it’s place at the top spot of this list.


To end these chart-topping Facebook trends is the social network’s top movie choices among users. The theaters were flooded with Twi-hards this past Fall when the last movie in the Twilight Saga was released, and while it may have broken many hearts to see it end, it was talked about enough to make #5 on the top movie list. The next two places on the top movie list are held by The Vow and Magic Mike, proving just how many ladies flock to their social profiles to exclaim their appreciation for sappy love stories and male strippers.

For 2nd place on the list, it was the most anticipated movie of the year for those who saw both Iron Man movies, Thor, and Captain America and stayed long enough to see a scene with Samuel L. Jackson showing up to hint about the Avengers movie. Millions of Marvel fans filled theater seats to see one of the most dynamic super groups battle intergalactic gods and bad dudes, briefly making The Avengers on of the top grossing movies of all time. Topping this list, just like that of literary trends for 2012, is The Hunger Games movie.

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