Top 10 Predictions For The Future

Top 10 Predictions For The Future 1

There’s no telling what exactly will happen in the future and while many have failed to be right on the nose about their predictions of the future, we’ve yet to stop trying. We couldn’t help but to have a go as well with our very own top 10 list of pretty possible predictions.

10. Marriage Replaced by Contract

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With advancements in technology, comes vast improvements in the field of research and science. Medicine that was not available in the past is now present in the here and now and many are buoyed with the hope of longer lives which then equates to, quite possibly, longer marriages. So “till death do us part”? How about, “till the contract does us part”?

9. Deserts will become Tropical Forests

Deserts will become Tropical Forests, Deserts, Tropical Forests

Also known as ‘Desert Greening’, many believe that areas that are now famous for their dry and barren land will some day be transformed into areas of lush greenery. As it is, some parts of the world’s desert are slowly but surely being taken over by vegetation – the Eogene tropical forest found within the Peruvian desert is one example.

8. Seccession of States from the Union

Seccession of States from the Union, Seccession USA, USA Seccession

Up to date, over half of America have filed petitions demanding secession from the union. According to the online petition set up by the Obama administration, at least 25,000 signatures, are needed for the petition to be considered. With the Texas petition having accumulated over 50,000 signatures, it won’t be long before these petitions have to be acknowledged.

7. Most of the World will Embrace Gay Marriage

Most of the World will Embrace Gay Marriage, world map

As seen in the map above, gay marriages are currently more accepted in the Western World. While many believe that the options available for legal union will increase over the years and over the globe, it may not very well be the case especially since we’ve got Religion to answer to.

6. Everyone will Speak either English, Spanish or Mandarin

Everyone will Speak either English, Spanish or Mandarin

This may seem a little far-fetched considering how there are about five to six thousand languages being spoken worldwide. Linguistics experts, however, believe that half of these languages may not even make it through to the next century and since English, Mandarin and Spanish are three of the most widely spoken languages, this prediction may very well be spot on.