Top 10 Places To Buy eBooks Online

Top 10 Places To Buy eBooks Online 1

If you’ve recently acquired an eBook reader you may be wondering ‘where is the best place to get eBooks?”. Here’s the rundown of our favourites. Some are only a good option if you have a particular reader, some are free and some you have to pay for, but they’re all excellent ways to expand your eBook library and find some really good reads.

1. Amazon

Amazon logo, logo Amazon, Amazon

Amazon is of course a popular choice, but only really if you have an Amazon Kindle, or the Kindle app. Otherwise you have to go through the headache of converting your books, and that’s somewhat against the point of having an ebook reader.

2. Waterstones

Waterstones, Waterstones logo, logo Waterstones

You may not have realised that Waterstones now has an extensive Ebook range to choose from. Waterstones is a classic name in the world of books, and it’s no different now that there’s new technology available. They come in PDF and ePub format and are compatible with a variety of different eReaders.

3. Google Books

Google Books, Google Books logo, logo Google Books

Google books is a good choice if you read via an app on your tablet as you can usually download them direct and there’s a great range available. Plus there’s the ease of using a search facility you’re already familiar with.

4. Sony Store

Sony Store, sony reader store, sony reader store logo, logo sony reader store

If you use a Sony eBook reader then it’s bound to be your first stop. Like Amazon, this is only really the case if you need brand specific eBooks rather than ones to use across a number of channels. Probably not the best choice if there are a few eReaders in your household and you want to share.

5. Whsmith

Whsmith, Whsmith logo, logo Whsmith

Like Waterstones, WHSmith provides eBooks for a wide range of eReaders. Much easier to share with your family. Plus it’s a company you already use so you know the files are safe. As with anything you download it’s so important to be careful that you know exactly what you’re getting.

6. Kobo Books

Kobo Books, Kobo Books logo, logo Kobo Books, logo kobo

Kobo eBooks are easy to read on many but not all eReaders. Again they offer apps for your tablet, smartphone or PC so that you can read wherever you are. Kobo also have their own eReading devices, and their prices tend be be relatively competitive.

7. Diesel eBooks

Diesel Ebooks, Diesel Ebooks logo, logo Diesel Ebooks

Diesel Ebooks work in a similar way to Waterstones and WHSmith in that you’re not tied to one device. They’re Adobe compatible and offer a good selection.

8. Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg, Project Gutenberg logo, logo Project Gutenberg

If you’re not so bothered about current books then Project Gutenberg is a great way to add tons of free titles to your collection. Any book that was published 100 years ago or more is now copyright free. Project Gutenberg and other affiliated sites take advantage of this in order to supply eBooks for free.

9. Books On Board

Books On Board, Books On Board logo, logo Books On Board

Books On Board is another eReader specific site, quite competitive in terms of selection and price but mostly based in the US.

10. Library

Library, amazing Library, beautiful Library, ebooks Library

If you’re a member of your local library then many of them now offer an eBook service. Visit your local libraries’ website or drop in to find out if yours has an eBook lending library available for use. Though you may still want to buy the books yourself at a later date.

Overall our favourites are the well-known brands that have diversified to offer eBooks. There’s something comforting about buying from a store you’ve used for years.

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