Top 10 Most Impressive Car Company Headquarters In The World

5. Honda

Honda is definitely one of the younger car companies on our list starting in September of 1948, but they make up a lot of ground with their incredible HQ in Tokyo, Japan. They are another company which makes more than just automobiles, as their designs have reached lawn equipment and even jet engines. It is currently the seventh-largest car manufacturer in the world.

Car HQ, Honda motors hq, Honda hq

4. Toyota

It is hard to drive through any typical American city or town and not see at least one Toyota Corolla, just like it would be quite difficult to miss the Toyota HQ while visiting Aichi, Japan. They may not make luxury cars but they certainly make reliable and consumer-friendly cars.

Car HQ, Toyota hq

3. Nissan

Yet another Japanese car manufacturer on the list, but it is hard to pass up the grand looking Nissan HQ located in Yokohama, Japan. They started at the end of 1933 and have been going strong ever since. They are number 6 in the world’s largest car manufacturers list and their V6 engines have made the top 10 best engines list for 14 years now.

Car HQ, Nissan HQ

2. Ford

The Ford World HQ in Dearborn, Michigan, is also known as the Glass House, and it is pretty plain to see why. The massive and reflective building holds the history of a classic company that changed the face of automobile manufacturing forever after being founded in 1903. It is good to see such a company remaining strong today.

Car HQ, Ford motors, Ford hq

1. BMW


In July of 1927, BMW was born and now their HQ in Munich, Germany is one of the greatest sites to be seen in a country full of landmarks. It opened in 1973 after 4 years of construction and stood strong next to the Olympic Village during the 1972 competition. At 331 feet tall, it is not the tallest building on the list but the design of the structure certainly reflects that of the luxury vehicles they are so well known for today.