Top 10 Luxury Watches for Women

5. Tag Heuer Aquaracer Quartz Watch 

Tag Heuer Aquaracer Quartz Watch, Aquaracer Quartz Watch

You might be going “not another Tag Heuer and an Aquaracer at that” but we can’t help it if Tag Heuer’s line of Aquaracer watches is not only easy on the eye but also has some pretty serious water resistance. This particular model would definitely suit those looking for something simple and chic to the T.



4. Chanel White Ceramic Bracelet Watch 

Chanel White Ceramic Bracelet Watch, Chanel, White Ceramic Bracelet Watch

Take one look at it and you know it’s Chanel. Not because the brand’s name can be seen pretty clearly on the watch’s face but because its design incorporates Chanel’s signature monotone palette. It’s water resistant to 200 meters and will resist scratches as well.



3. Cartier Tank Francaise Stainless Steel Watch 

Cartier Tank Francaise Stainless Steel Watch, Cartier, Tank Francaise Stainless Steel Watch

You’ve got to give it to Cartier for making not only lovely jewellery but also classy watches. The Tank Francaise is one of them. Water resistant to 30 meters, the stainless steel watch is small in size but it’ll adorn any wrist beautifully.



2. Tag Heuer Formula One Chronograph Watch 

Tag Heuer Formula One Chronograph Watch, Formula One Chronograph Watch

Seen on notable race drivers, celebrities and even politicians, the Formula One Chronograph watch has a fan base with a pretty extensive reach. Besides keeping time, you can also record it with this elegant timepiece.



1. Omega De Ville Prestige Watch 

Omega De Ville Prestige Watch, Omega, De Ville Prestige Watch

All that glitters is not gold? Well the saying certainly doesn’t apply to the Omega De Ville Prestige watch. Made from 18k Rose Gold and with diamonds set on the bezel as well as on the markers, the water resistant (to 30 meters) watch is nothing short of precious.



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