Top 10 Gadget Innovations of 2012

5. Lytro Light-Field Camera

Lytro is a brand new company and product that is turning the digital photography business upside-down. It does not measure in megapixels, rather in light-rays to take in all the light in a photo for an unique effect later on. Besides the incredibly unique shape/design, the ability to focus on any item in a picture after taking said picture is extremely awesome. With their latest update, you can add various live effects as well, and you can even post interactive pictures to your various social media sites that allow your friends/followers/subscribers to focus on various objects and change filters too.

Lytro Light Field Camera, Lytro camera


Lytro’s Online Store (Link)


$399 for 8GB, $499 for 16GB

4. Nest Thermostat

Nest is a spin-off company started by a variety Apple employees to create more innovative products for your home. Their remarkable thermostat doesn’t just control your home’s temperatures but it also learns your habits as you use it. It will lower your energy use automatically when you are away, and you can control all your settings from their web or mobile app while you’re on the go. With a nice starting product, it should be interesting to see what they can come up with next.

Nest Thermostat, Nest Learning Thermostat


Nest’s Home site (Link)


$249 per unit, $119 for the first installation.

3. Karma Mobile Hotspot

This is not only an innovative product but innovative idea and service. This a mobile hotspot made for sharing and is very flexible since you can pay as you use it. The more you share your hotspot, the more free data you receive for your kindness; you usually get 100mb per extra user on your network. Use this lightweight data device for up to 8 hours and connect up to 8 devices at a time, and coverage is pretty nice for such a new product.

Top Gadget 2012, Karma Mobile Hotspot, Mobile Hotspot, karma Hotspot


Get Your Karma Now (Link)


$79 for the device, $14 per GB per month

2. Pebble E-Paper Smartwatch

As the reigning king of Kickstarter, the Canadian company behind Pebble started out with a smartwatch for your Blackberry devices and has moved on to a new device supporting iOS and Android devices. They raised over $10 million in funding from the now popular crowdfunding site, and are now set to manufacture 85,000 watches for their backers and normal consumer pre-orders start in January. This water-resistant, Bluetooth 4.0 enabled intelligent time device makes receiving all your notifications and using your smartphone apps so much easier. The e-paper, much like the e-ink seen on Kindle and Nook devices, display allows you to see your Pebble while out in the sun, which is a downside to all other smartwatches.

Pebble watch, Pebble E-Paper Watch


Pre-Order Open Now (Link)



1. Apple’s 13-inch MacBook Pro w/ Retina & 27-inch iMac

It wouldn’t be an innovative year without an Apple device appearing on the “Best of” list, but this year it’s a definite tie between the resolutionary 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display and the incredibly thin 27-inch iMac. The RMBP is less than an inch thick, weight of 3.5 lbs, resolution of 2560×1600 pixels, and loads of other amazing features, this is the ultimate portable productivity device for those looking a little more power than the 13-inch MacBook Air can offer. Fully stocked you can get up to 8GB of RAM, an Intel i7 dual-core chip for 2.9 GHz standard, and 768GB flash storage, you can do a lot with incredible new machine.

The iMac is another story completely; it looks like it went on Atkins or had a tummy tuck, cause that is one skinny all-in-one desktop. It has a 5mm edge now that it took out the Super Drive and weighs only 21 pounds. It keeps its 2560-by-1440 resolution and even increased the backlighting a bit for greater color reproduction. They have also introduced a new type of storage format knowns as the Fusion Drive, which fluidly combines the mass of the standard hard-drive with the speed of flash storage for amazing CPU performance. If you want to stock this all the way, you can get: 32GB of RAM, 3.4 GHz quad-core Intel i7, 3TB Fusion Drive, and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680MX 2GB GDDR5; all of this upgrading along with the size can make the iMac a great competitor for the outdated Mac Pro.

Top Gadget 2012, apple MacBook and imac, apple macbook, apple retina macbook, apple imac, imac


Apple Store (Link)


Base Price for each: $1,699.00, $1,799.00
Fully Stocked: $3,199.00, $3,349.00