Top 10 Amusing Phobias

Top 10 Amusing Phobias 1

We’ve all got that one, if not more, thing we go to great lengths to avoid and if for some reason, we’re unable to avoid it, we tolerate it but anyone watching can see just how distressed we really are. Confined spaces, heights, spiders; they’re among some of the common types of phobia that some face. But did you know that there are actually some out there who suffer from phobias of rarer – and pretty amusing, in a way – objects and situations? Find out in our top ten list below:

10. Tetraphobia


Fear of numbers? Well here’s one. Tetraphobia, as the prefix suggests, is the fear of the number four. For sufferers, they may even opt to avoid celebrating their birthdays of which their age includes the number four – a pity, really.

9. Ablutophobia


Most of us are aware of the importance of hygiene and we believe that those suffering from ablutophobia may very well be aware of that as well but because there is very little explanation behind this particular phobia, we can’t really blame them for refusing to bathe, clean or wash up. Unfortunately, such a fear can lead to devastating consequences such as isolation. Fortunately, though, this phobia has been listed as one of the most uncommon ones.

8. Ergophobia


Who knew that the fear of work was actually real? We’re not talking about just plain laziness or reluctance to work, we’re talking about actual fear and anxiety a sufferer faces whenever he or she has to work. And no, don’t even think of using it as an excuse to get that week off from work unless you’ve been clinically diagnosed, of course.

7. Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia


If there’s one phobia in his list that’s pretty ironic, it would have to be this one – the fear of long words. Imagine having to say, read or write out the name of your phobia, only to find out that you actually fear it.

6. Oikophobia


Sometimes we make up rather ridiculous excuses just to escape having to do anything related to household chores but there are actually some who have a warranted fear of it, or more specifically the fear of the surroundings of the house as a whole or just the household appliances themselves. You might want to be sure your future partner is void of such a phobia unless of course you won’t mind living in, say, a tent.