Some Eye-Catching Cars Due To Be Released In 2013

Some Eye-Catching Cars Due To Be Released In 2013 1

It promises to be an interesting 2013 when it comes to new car releases. Here we’ve picked out two new releases getting a lot of media attention:

Mazda 6

mazda 6, Mazda 6 car, Mazda 6 pictures

Set to be made available some time in early 2013, the Mazda 6 has received a significant overhaul, coming complete with the Japanese company’s new ‘Soul of Motion’ design, with a slightly aggressive looking nose that features LED lights and bold, swooping features.The new version seems to be aimed at families, a point emphasised by the fact that it will only be available in saloon versions.

Safety is also a key feature of this car, which utilises Mazda’s Rear Vehicle Monitoring to guard against blind spots, and Smart City Brake Support, which provides the option of automatic braking at speeds up to 18 miles an hour. Mazda’s 2.0 and 2.2 litre engines comply with Euro 5 emission standards and both the petrol and diesel engines are very economical, the car is also very affordable for a car of its class, with an MSRP of between £19,585 and £24,865.

Mitsubishi Mirage

Mitsubishi Mirage, Mitsubishi Mirage car, Mitsubishi Mirage pictures

This budget ‘supermini’ represents Mitsubishi’s attempt to compete with the Hyundai i20, Skoda Fabia and the Nissan Micra and will be sold in 160 countries worldwide.

The Mirage is quite pokey inside, with little room, especially for passengers in the back seat, so it not be ideal as a family car. Yet despite budget consideration, Mitsubishi, to their credit, have created a car with low fuel emissions – so low in fact that it comes in below the EU 100g/km threshold, meaning free car tax for its owners. So far, so economical…

It doesn’t stop there: The car is very light, weighing at 845kg, and efficiency is boosted even further by stop-start and regenerative braking, and a stability control. That this car is expected to be priced at around the £8,500 mark, makes this economical, eco-friendly car a worthy purchase.


Nissan Qashqai, Nissan Qashqai car, Nissan Qashqai pictures

The Nissan Qashqai is a great family car that provides refined style, a comfortable driving experience and affordability. The car is reliable, safe and spacious. Affordable as new they say be, but you can find some great used bargains.