One Block To Rule Them All – The Solid Gold Lego Piece

One Block To Rule Them All - The Solid Gold Lego Piece

Legos have been around for a long time and have served as the famous building blocks for quite a few generations now. They are a classic set of toys beloved by all until you accidentally step on one barefoot in the middle of the night, then they are a piece of plastic torture. But there is one Lego you will be sure to never step on because it is made of solid gold and worth quite a bit of money.

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The golden Lego was a symbol of the pinnacle of achievement in the beginning of the Lego company, offered to business partners and those loyal employees who maintained at least 25 years of service. It is the traditional block size of 2×4 and made of solid, 14-karat gold. It was not often seen by people not under the employment of the Lego company, and even then one was only given out once or twice a year.

Now a website called Brick Envy, Inc., for all your Lego wants and needs, has gotten a hold of one these rare piece of toy block history. You could have purchased this amazing Lego for just $14,500 but the item is currently out of stock, so you’ll have to take your riches elsewhere until they can find another willing seller.

Would you want to purchase this rare Lego piece, maybe add a diamond and make it a ring for the ultimate Lego-enthusiast bride? Or would you have other plans with such an awesome find?