Explore Everest With This Stunning Gigapixel Photo

Explore Everest With This Stunning Gigapixel Photo

Gigapixel pictures are a great new medium for photographers to show off a grand landscape picture with an extraordinary amount of detail. Now a filmmaker and his group has captured the world’s largest mountain peak in this new fashion so the rest of the world can explore it from the comfort of their computer.

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Gigapixel pictures are made possible by taking several hundred iterating photos with a camera equipped with zoom lens and then stitching them together using one of several different computer applications. David Breashears, the filmmaker, has been to the top of the mountain 15 times over five different climbing excursions to record the changes in climate around the mountain over time. David and his team took a total of 477 separate pictures with a 300 millimeter zoom lens and stitched them together to create an interactive picture made up of over 3.8 billion pixels.

From the team’s website you can zoom in and examine the mountain paths up close. The detail is so fine, you should be able to make out several camping spots of other teams on Everest. Maybe the photo will inspire you to one day complete this amazing achievement.

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