Apple To Launch Smart Watch in Early 2013

Apple To Launch Smart Watch in Early 2013

The latest fad for future technology is the ability to make your mobile electronics a part of your fashion statement. It may have started with the extremely successful Kickstarter funding project for the Pebble smartwatch for iPhone and Android devices that raised over $10 million. Now rumors tell of Apple working with Intel to create their smartwatch for iOS devices.

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After Pebble received such a great reaction and 85,000 pre-orders from the crowd-funding venture, other groups and inventors decided to take a crack at the smartwatch market as well. Such projects include MetaWatch and cookoo, which both received at least double their original funding goal, launched after Pebble and, although their both shipping past their estimated time, will be rewarding their backers before Pebble. But with such high expectations and potential to come from the Pebble smartwatch, it’s easy to say that great things come to those who wait.

Now it looks like Apple may be wanting to join the party with their own Intel-powered wristwatch. Their now-outdated iPod nano made for a great prototype of a smartwatch we could see within the next year. The potential to have your songs, photos, and podcasts along with a stopwatch, radio, and of course several different watch faces all on a touchscreen device that fits your wrist was incredible when it was first released. The current iPod Nano model eliminated the possibility of continuing smartwatch innovation, at least in that form.

So what features might we see in the first complete iWatch? There might be Siri integration, loads of apps like Angry Birds, and hopefully some more awesome watch faces to compliment the other standard Nano features. So would you like an Apple iWatch within the next year, or is it just another passing fad? Let us know what you think in the comments.