10 Tips For First-Time Car Sellers

10 Tips For First-Time Car Sellers
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Selling your car is something most of us will do at some point in our lives. But doing it for the first time can be an intimidating experience, which is where this ten point guide could come in handy.

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1. As a first priority, familiarize yourself with the current retail market for the model you are trying to sell. It’s possible to do this online, entering your make and model into the site’s search criteria. Also, some of this sites also offer the possibility to sell your car online, making things a bit easier.

2. Once you’ve found out how much other people are selling for, you’ll be able to pitch your own price based on factors like mileage and condition.

3. When setting a price, make it slightly higher than the lowest you would be prepared to accept. People often offer less than the advertised price, so it’s not wise to make your minimum sound like what you would actually be happy with.

4. As a private seller, it’s best not to go down the route of a price such as £12,995. While people accept this psychological trick coming from dealers, most people look for straight-up private sellers who would just say £13,000.

5. Be aware that with cars, people expect to negotiate in large increments such as £500. If you’re offered £12,000, you might well get yourself a deal if you come back with £12,500.

6. When placing an online ad, make sure you include plenty of photos, inside as well as out. Buyers will always be sceptical about descriptions such as ‘excellent condition’, if there are no visuals to back it up.

7. Prior to doing this, you should of course make sure your motor is looking its best. It could be worth paying for a one-off valet service if you haven’t got time yourself.

8. Before a prospective buyer comes to look at the car and test drive it, make sure your vehicle has no basic mechanical faults that could easily have been fixed.

9. Also clear any junk out of the inside of the car. This will allow a prospective buyer to feel as if they are buying something closer to a new car.

10. As an extra incentive to a hesitant buyer, consider offering a mechanic’s check with a report about the car’s condition.

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