Mind control is a technology coming straight out of science fiction; whether it is used to control other living beings or just personal devices, it would be incredible handy to be completely hands-free with our tech. Now with advances in modern innovation, there are even children’s toys that may be powered by thoughts. Here is a top 5 list of those unique inventions.

5. Star Wars Science Force Trainer

Ever since the first movie was released in May of 1977, it seemed to be ever geek’s dream to control objects with the Force and wield a Lightsaber. Toy companies have at least fulfilled one side of that dream with the Star Wars Science Force Trainer. The goal is to lift and keep aloft a ping pong ball by concentrating your brain power via a wireless headset. As Luke Skywalker’s tiny, green mentor said, “Do or do not. There is no try.”

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4. Mindflex Duel

This device gives another meaning to a battle of the minds. Battle your friend’s powers of concentration by attempting to push a fan across their lines using nothing but your mind. It may be quite a humorous sight to see if anyone were to watch two people furiously staring at a fan and knowing nothing of the vigorous battle ensuing.

Mind-Controlled Devices, Mindflex Duel


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3. Neural Impulse Actuator

Have you ever wished you could just sit back in your office chair and think about getting your work done to complete it? Well, the Neural Impulse Actuator is a step in the right directions for accomplishing this task. Simply assign certain “left-click” triggers to your thought impulse and make your work flow that much easier.

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2. MindSet

The MindSet is NeuroSky’s flagship headset. It has the double duty of being used as a Bluetooth headset, as well as keeping tracks of brainwaves during the menial task you complete about the day or night. It comes with software that enables the user to see a visual display of this data and, with the developer kit, make some pretty amazing software to compliment it.

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This the most advance consumer device for those serious about measuring and tracking their thoughts for business or pleasure. It also includes a software developer kit to create incredible programs that take advantage of the device’s 14 contact sensors for precise brainwave data collection. There have been a few programs made already for controlling computer functions or playing games but there is so much more potential for this type of technology. What could you see it being used for in the future?

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