Top 10 Weirdest Things in Space

Top 10 Weirdest Things in Space

The space is definitely a strange environment, no matter how many clear facts the humankind has. At the same time, there are hundreds of myths and theories out there without a proper explanation. The more you read about these things the stranger the universe seems. Here are the 10 most weirdest things in space.

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10. Human height

Believe it or not, a man is usually five centimeter taller in space than on Earth. This is because of the gravity. While on Earth, the gravity is affecting the spinal column by compressing it. When in space, the column is exposed to an aspiration effect, therefore, it is free to enlarge. The short astronauts can definitely appreciate it, but once they get back on Earth, things become normal again.

9. Never dieing marks

The moon presents an empty space, but also an obvious lack of air. This means there are no winds either. For this reason, the marks left by the astronauts almost half a century ago still intact. The simple mark of a sole can remain there for millions of years, which is more than most structures available on Earth today. As long as no other spacious particles or meteors will hit the moon, any mark left by the humankind has the chance to remain there forever.

8. Impossibility to burp

You have probably seen a lot of movies about how life would be without gravity. If you think that floating is one and the only difference, you are wrong. While in space, there are a series of changes taking place inside the human organism, and no matter how unusual it seems, the astronauts cannot burp. The explanation is simple. The lack of gravity cannot separate the liquids from the gases in stomach.

7. Spherical liquid shapes

While on Earth, the liquids tend to course due to the gravitational force. When in space, the gravity is null, so the liquids come up with spherical shapes. This is because of the surface tension, a phenomenon that also takes place on Earth.

6. Old light the humankind uses

A few people know that the sunlight they see is more than 30,000 years old. The processes taking place on the sun are very sophisticated and although the burning process is continuous, some of the light is stuck inside for thousands of decades. Due to this, once it gets on the surface, the distance to Earth is run within eight minutes.