Top 10 Time Wasting Websites

5. The Onion

The Onion, The Onion logo, logo The Onion

The Onion features popular satirical news derived from local and international reports. You would surely ogle for more as you relate it with current news. This is one time waster that you can safely visit daily.

4. Falling Sand Game

Falling Sand Game, Falling Sand Game logo, logo Falling Sand Game

Falling Sand Game has a simple mechanism where you would just be building walls from the falling sand, water, oil and salt from the sky. Try this game and you would find yourself addicted to it.

3. logo, logo, Cracked features a whole lot of amusing, funny, hilarious, interesting and time wasting stuff. By the time you close the browser window you’ll find out the sun has already been relieved by the stars and the moon.

2. I Can Has Cheezburger

 I Can Has Cheezburger,  I Can Has Cheezburger logo, logo  I Can Has Cheezburger

ICanHasCheezburger is an animal animated weblog full of humorous and hilarious captions that would surely make you laugh. Make sure you don’t have any work pending if you are planning to pay a visit to this site.

1. Facebook

facebook logo, logo facebook, facebook

The number one site in our list is Facebook and it doesn’t really need any introduction. Almost everyone has an account nowadays and share common practice – that is to waste time on

Indeed, the productivity has been compromised with the many technological innovations.