Top 10 Time Wasting Websites

Top 10 Time Wasting Websites 1

Let’s face it. Humanity has been hooked up with the internet. It has been a primary medium for work, studies, games, communication, and PROCRASTINATION. We are unaware that as we sit before our desktops, laptops and tablets, we are being eaten whole with our eyes and fingers as the only parts of our body moving. It can make you forget your consciousness with time.

Here are the top ten time wasting websites guaranteed to make you lose touch of your real world and fast paced daily activities. Visit them out at your own risk.

10. Filler

Filler, Filler video game

If you seek to waste your time that is safe for work and highly interactive, then go check out Filler – a very interesting puzzle game. It would surely eat up your time as you wait for something or just killing a boring time of your day.

9. College Humor

College Humor, College Humor logo, logo College Humor

College Humor would amaze you with its simple jokes that can make you burst into tears. You will soon find yourself drowned with the site for getting your real life current concerns. And having witnessed the effect, you would end up sharing them with your friends on Facebook.



Talk about real procrastination. Talk about real time wasters and eaters. This site is just packed with nonsense but the fun you would experience here would make you want to stay longer.

7. Failblog

Failblog, Failblog website

Failblog is the source to get the best failures on the internet. The website has just about anything that would surely take your time away from productivity. You would find yourself visiting this site daily, or every time you feel that the world is eating you alive. Relax and chill. Have a break and waste time.

6., logo, logo, logo Pogo

Looking for some time-wasting games online? Go check out There are lots of games to choose from that would have your day done. Again, visit at your own risk.