Top 10 Most Memorable Movie Cars

Top 10 Most Memorable Movie Cars 1

Automobile fans sometimes watch a movie just to see their favorite car. The memorable movie cars have made living history and will always be remembered for their interesting role. Here’s the list of top 10 most memorable movie cars.

10. Mini Cooper S

Mini Cooper S, Mini Cooper, Cooper S

The movie “The Italian Job” represents the ultimate stage for the lovely Mini Cooper which seems to be more reliable than other sturdy cars. Travelling lightly in the streets of Los Angeles it helped the conspirators escape with the easiest way.


It weighs 200 pounds less than the normal Cooper and is painted in red, blue or white.


It has 163 horsepower with a 1.6 four cylinder engine and manual transmission.

9. Ford Mustang GT 390

Ford Mustang GT 390, Ford Mustang GT, Mustang GT 390

This Mustang took part in one of the most memorable car chases in the movie “Bullitt”. It took a bunch of seven minutes from the entire film and considered as one of the best ones in cinematography.


It has a fast back roof. Its engine note is higher than that of its opponent, the Dodge Charger.


325 horsepower and a 6.4 liter engine.

8. Aston Martin DB5

Aston Martin DB5, Aston Martin

From the James Bond series, Aston Martin DB5 is one of the most beloved cars. It was the star of the “Goldfinger” movie, together with Sean Connery.


It has bulletproof glass, a radar screen which continuously beeps and some really cute machine guns.


It has 282 horsepower and a six cylinder 4.0 liter engine.

7. Ferrari 250 GT

Ferrari 250 GT, Ferrari 250

This car was featured in the movie “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.” It looks really good with that Italian tint of red and the fast speed it develops. It is definitely one of the stunning cars that everybody dreams of.


The great color of cherry red in the exterior and the wire grille makes it look perfect.


Ferrari 250 GT has 280 horsepower and a V-12 3.0 liter engine.

6. Cadillac Ambulance

Cadillac Ambulance

Even if in the movie “Ghostbusters” it does not play a significant role, this car is considered to be one of the most memorable medical cars from any movie up to date. It is not an epitome of force, but it is way too stylish with all its lights and strobes.


It has a tail fin which looks awesome, an attached ladder and an indefinite number of lights and sirens.


The engine is V-8 with 6.4 liters. Its horsepower is 325.