Innovation and creativity can be found around the world; whether it be from the United States, China, or even Down Under. There are few inventions from Australian decent that you use or see in your day to day life, and then there are others that you may not have known or ever cared that existed. These are the top ten technological innovations made by Australians.

10. Plastic Banknotes

When creating a solid form of currency for a country, it is important that the medium used is both durable, portable, and not easily forged; with these ideas in mind, the plastic banknote was created. It is made up of a transparent panel with a hologram embedded in the note to reduce the ease of forgery.

Aussie Inventions, Plastic Banknotes


Reserve Bank of Australia

Year Introduced:


9. Dispensable Syringes

The medical industry is one of vital importance and great costs in so many areas, including supplies. Before the creation of cheap, throwaway syringes, the danger of reusing a needle was very high if it was not properly cleaned and cost a pretty penny to carry a hefty supply. Then with the use of plastic, syringes were much easier to make and supplied doctors around the world for a fraction of the cost.

Aussie Inventions, Dispensable Syringes


Harry Willis

Year Introduced:


8. Super Sopper Rollers

The name of this invention is quite a mouthful but accurately describes this piece of Australian-made machinery. Best dubbed as a mechanical mop of sorts, as it is used to soak up excess water from sport fields after a heavy rain and allowing the game in question to be played.

Aussie Inventions, Super Sopper Rollers


Gordon Withnall

Year Introduced:


7. Mountbatten Braillers

To sum up this quirky-looking machine, this is the world’s first portable battery-powered braille writer for people with impaired vision. It still maintains a hold as one of the most advanced battery-powered braille writers to this day, worldwide.

Aussie Inventions, Mountbatten Braillers


Ernest Bate

Year Introduced:


6. Dual-flush Toilet

Going green is an innovative movement that has really started to shape the way we all live in this world, even in one of the most sacred rooms in our homes – the bathroom. The dual-flush toilet or, as the inventor called it, loo, was created to help limit the amount of water used each time one would flush; whether you needed half the amount or the full force, it was up to you to try to save some water when possible.

Aussie Inventions, Dual-flush Toilet, Dual flush Toilet


Bruce Thompson

Year Introduced:


5. Hills Clothes Hoist

Although not made specifically to help in the green movement, this simple idea can be seen all across suburbia on a nice day along with the household’s laundry. Instead of using electricity, use the wind and solar power available to you everyday.

Aussie Inventions, Hills Clothes Hoist


Lance Hill

Year Introduced:


4. Ultrasound Machine

While it was not the first way to view an unborn child in the mother’s womb, it was undoubtedly the safest way for both lives. It is used to provide grayscale images of internal organs or, as mentioned before, monitoring a child’s health before it is brought into this world.

Aussie Inventions, Ultrasound Machine


Commonwealth Acoustic Laboratories

Year Introduced:


3. Cochlear implants

Before the creation of this nifty device, impaired hearing was not a very treatable condition for most of the people who suffered from it. But the bionic ear now helps so many to enjoy the wonderful sounds that are available in the world.

Aussie Inventions, Cochlear implants


Graeme Clark

Year Introduced:


2. Black Box Flight Recorders

One of the most important instruments aboard a plane during times of emergency is the so-called Black Box. Although it may not be black anymore, the vital task it performs stays the same, to record flight data in the event of system failures and stay in one piece after a crash.

Aussie Inventions, Black Box Flight Recorders


Dr. David Warren

Year Introduced:


1. Wifi

Without a doubt, this is now one of the most influential innovations in the world today, or at least the world wide web. Wifi is now seen as a necessity in most restaurants, stores, and even theme parks, to make sure our smartphones, tablets, and laptops are always connected to our various social media outlets or business. Where would you be now if Wifi was never created?

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John O’Sullivan

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