5. More Than A Camera Store

Adorama, a local electronics store, let people know that they were open to charge your electronic devices and not just selling theirs.

Sandy - Acts of Kindness, More Than A Camera Store hurricane sandy
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4. Power of the News

Wes Anderson, a famed news reporter, set up a power station using one of the news trucks to make sure everyone could call home or those they loved.

Sandy - Acts of Kindness, Power of the News hurrican sandy
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3. Making Magic

This young boy was doing his part to help the victims of Sandy by doing magic tricks for spare change or whatever you decide to donate.

Sandy - Acts of Kindness, Making Magic hurricane sandy
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2. Food Across the Way

A restaurant called Charrito’s in Hoboken, New Jersey helped out the victims of Hurricane Sandy by handing out free food.

Sandy - Acts of Kindness, Food Across the Way hurricane sandy
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1. Information for the Masses

Sandy - Acts of Kindness, Information for the Masses hurricane sandy
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With no power means almost no news via television and sometimes smartphones, one helpful citizen provided much needed information about traffic, schools, and a supply of free tacos for those that need food.