Top 10 Acts Of Kindness During Hurricane Sandy

Top 10 Acts Of Kindness During Hurricane Sandy

Hurricane Sandy was a devastating disaster for those in New York and the surrounding area, causing many to lose power for several days and unable to find necessary resources like food and water. However, hope and kindness was not lost in the superstorm as we take a look at some of the many acts of people just trying to help each other out.

10. Street-Side Cookout

This friendly New Yorker set up a grill on the side of Ave C and fed all that were welcome.

Sandy - Acts of Kindness, Street-Side Cookout, Street-Side Cookout hurricane sandy
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9. Power For All

For those left with some power, they were happy to share so other could call their family and loved ones to let them know they are safe.

Sandy - Acts of Kindness, Power For All hurricane sandy
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8. Power for the Passerby

Another example of electric hospitality to ensure others were able to communicate during the storm.

Sandy - Acts of Kindness, Power for the Passerby hurricane sandy
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7. Post Your Thanks

A wall of post-it notes thanking the emergency response teams that fulfilled their duties during the storm and ensuring the safety of others. There are also a few snide comments about Hurricane Sandy that she surely had coming to her.

Sandy - Acts of Kindness, Post Your Thanks hurricane sandy
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6. A Friendly Reminder

Sandy - Acts of Kindness, A Friendly Reminder hurricane sandy
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While this may seem like a rather blunt and almost rude comment, this just a message to inform people it is safe to return to their homes again.