The iPhone 5’s Incredible 20,096 Mile Journey Home [INFOGRAPHIC]

The iPhone 5's Incredible 20,096 Mile Journey Home [INFOGRAPHIC]

While many may line up for days on end to be some of the first to get Apple’s latest generation of smartphone genius, how many wonder what it takes to get these amazing devices into their ever waiting hands? Well this infographic shows the incredible journey an iPhone goes through to fulfill the millions of orders Apple gets at each new release.

From the U.S. to the U.K. off to Germany then jumps to South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan before heading to China and, full circle, back to the U.S. for distribution, the iPhone travels over 20,000 miles to receive and every essential part. It’s all these parts assembled together and shipped with care that make Apple one of the most successful businesses on the planet today.

iPhone Journey Infographic

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