Researchers Crown Buddhist Monk The Happiest Man In The World

Researchers Crown Buddhist Monk The Happiest Man In The World

Happiness is a wonderful feeling but how does one judge who is the happiest person in the world? Well neuroscience has come a long way to show how one Tibetan monk/molecular geneticist truly has the world’s happiest brain.

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Matthieu Ricard is a 66-year old Buddist and scientist that found enlightenment and happiness through mediation, and it helps that he is a confidant to the Dalai Lama. This theory of training one’s brain to be happy through meditating, like that of working out your muscles to be strong, was test by a neuroscientist by the name of Richard Davidson. He scanned Matthieu’s brain using 256 neural sensors to find an amazing amount of gamma waves that have never been seen before in modern medicine.

Matthieu has only been a monk for a relatively short time but his embracing of meditation and the culture has shown remarkable benefits to his state-of-mind. The scientific study of mediation and happiness, or “neuroplasticity”, is still very new so there could be many more factors to this radical development that we will see in the near future.

Do you believe in the power of mediation or are happy with how you live your life now?