From Tablet To Tabletop Game – Turn Your iPad Into iFoosball

From Tablet To Tabletop Game - Turn Your iPad Into iFoosball

Foosball is a common indoor pastime in university residence halls and household rec rooms everywhere. It is a great game to bring people together when rain floods the soccer field and feel the urge to kick a tiny ball back and forth. Unfortunately, these tables are very large and take more room than a lot of consumers are willing to spare. But now you can turn the popular Apple iPad into your very own shrunken foosball table with this handy piece of kit.

iPad Foosball Tablet, iPad foosball table

The Classic Match Foosball for iPad accessory by New Potato Technologies is more than just a mouthful. As you can see from the picture above, this unique tablet addition mimics a minified foosball table. It will set you back $100 but comes with a free app to make up for some of the cost. Don’t worry about stabbing the foosball rods into your iPad as those controls stay solely in the accessory. You can play with up to four players if you think that many will fit around such a small surface.

Would you spend the money to have a foosball table back in your life, or is just another waste of money?