Top 10 Scholarships For International Students

Top 10 Scholarships For International Students 1

Finding a good international scholarship is a must when the national or local education is limited and doesn’t provide too many opportunities. Besides, there are countries where owning an international diploma or degree is definitely going to open a lot of doors.

The education today is highly appreciated and perhaps overrated sometimes. With all these, it is just as expensive, therefore, getting a scholarship is often the one and only solution for a lot of aspirants, especially when their financial situations don’t give them too many chances. Here are the top 10 scholarships for the best international students.

10. Eiffel France

Eiffel France, Eiffel France scholarships

Studying in France is definitely a good idea, especially since this scholarship is among the most prestigious ones in the world. Eiffel France was established in 1999 and specifically targeting high education degrees. The aspirant students end up with a series of benefits, such as a local health insurance or an allowance. But then, not everything comes for free. There are small expenses the students must cover themselves.


DAAD, DAAD scholarships, DAAD scholarships germany

Germany is said to be the most technologically advanced country in Europe and among the most powerful nations in the world, therefore, studying there is a priority for a lot of students. The scholarship may target graduate, doctoral and post courses. It covers the allowance, health insurance, tuition fees and a few trips home every year. All in all, the financial benefits depend on what kind of course you plan to get. Other than that, this is one of the most targeted scholarships because thousands of students can benefit from it yearly.

8. Chevening

Chevening, Chevening scholarships

Chevening scholarship was established almost two decades ago and is offered by the United Kingdom. It is available to students from more than a hundred countries. It also covers most of your expenses, including your travel costs. Besides, you are not forced to rely on just a few universities around UK. Instead, you gain access to dozens of institutions to choose from.

7. Heinrich Boll Foundation

Heinrich Boll Foundation, Heinrich Boll Foundation scholarships

The program is mostly concentrating on arts or sciences and welcomes about a thousand students every year. The Heinrich Boll Foundation scholarship is not too restrictive from the schooling point of view, which means you can get any type of course you need. However, the allowance differs according to what you actually study.

6. Rhodes

Rhodes scholarship, Rhodes scholarships, Rhodes

The Rhodes scholarship was first given more than a century ago, in 1902. Back then, there were just three countries accepted in the program. Today, it is just as restrictive compared to other similar programs, so the aspirants are accepted from fourteen countries only, spread around most continents, including Africa.