Top 10 iPad Mini Cases

Top 10 iPad Mini Cases

Apple has just announced and shown off the brand new iPad Mini, the 7.9-inch brethren of the now 4th-gen iPad with Retina. You’re getting ready to order one for yourself and now you need something to protect your latest post-PC investment. Look no further as we take a look at the top 10 iPad Mini cases available now or coming soon.

10. iFrogz Breeze Case

This is a simplistic, light plastic case from iFrogz, of which the hole-filled backing serves for form and function. It has a tension control fit and made of impact resistant TPU, and choice of aqua, hot pink, and slate will make sure you get the most fashionable choice for your new tiny tablet.

iPad Mini Case, iFrogz Breeze Case ipad mini


In Stock Soon on the iFrogz website (Link)



9. Canvas Case

If you’re looking for a classy portfolio case for your iPad Mini, this should solve your quandary. Made of buffalo hide & canvas for the majority of the cover and genuine leather for the binding, you will be the envy of your book club as you walk in toting this sweet case.

iPad Mini Case, Canvas Case ipad mini


A great deal can be found at Guangzhou Treetop Trading Co., Ltd. (Link)


No pricing is available yet.

8. Snugg Leather Case & Stand

This is a handy little leather portfolio for the iPad Mini from Snugg that can act like a Smart Cover, able to wake and put to sleep your tablet. It has a unique stylus holder above the iPad Mini for those traveling artists or preferred stylus users who are consistently losing their expensive tools for creation.

iPad Mini Case, Snugg Leather Case & Stand, Snugg Leather Case & Stand ipad mini



7. SmartSuit Mini

The SmartSuit is made up of a hard back casing and a synthetic leather front cover. It comes in your choice of black, white, silver or bronze (for those owners with a fancier side). The front cover rolls back just like a Smart Cover would, giving you a variety of usability positions.

iPad Mini Case, SmartSuit Mini, SmartSuit Mini ipad mini



6. M-Edge Profile Case

The Profile case may not look like much from the picture but this is one of the most simplistic and durable cases on the market for the iPad Mini. It is made of microfiber leather on the inside and out with an ultra-strong fiberglass core to keep your tablet safe while you’re on the go.

iPad Mini Case, M-Edge Profile Case, M-Edge Profile Case ipad mini


Grab this from M-Edge’s own site



5. MKT iPad Mini Case

Here is another ultrathin and light portfolio case for the iPad Mini owners on a budget. It will only set you back about $10 with shipping, and it is made of premium leather with special speaker vents for the iPad Mini’s unique design. It also uses Smart Cover technology to wake and turn off your new tablet.

iPad Mini Case, MKT iPad Mini Case, MKT case ipad mini



4. Kensington Protective Cover & Stand

Kensington is very well known for computer protection with its various locking mechanism for MacBooks and other laptops/desktops, but they also make very secure cases for mobile electronics. They use a two-layer casing process to make sure your iPad stays safe and free of scratches or bumps. It is thin so you don’t have to bulk up an ultra portable device.

iPad Mini Case, Kensington Protective Cover & Stand ipad mini, Kensington Protective ipad mini


Kensington is selling this case from its website. (Link)



3. Otterbox Defender Series for iPad Mini

Otterbox is quite famous for their smartphone and tablet cases, and they certainly don’t hold back with their new iPad Mini cases for the Defender series. The inner shell of the iPad mini case is constructed from impact resistant polycarbonate that includes a padded-foam interior that has shock absorbing properties and protects the back of your iPad from scuffs and scrapes. A screen protector is built into the polycarbonate shell to protect against scratches without compromising sensitivity. The outer layer is made from rugged silicone and absorbs impact while the textured exterior provides added grip. A shield stand acts as a protective cover to either the front or back of the case and doubles as a stand for typing or viewing. The Defender Series is perfect for those that are on-the-go, have children or are generally clumsy.

iPad Mini Case, Otterbox Defender Series, Otterbox Defender Series ipad mini


Pre-order it now from (Link)



2. Targus Versavu

Versavu marries form with function in a case that not only complements the iPad® mini itself, but fits perfectly into the life of an iPad® mini enthusiast. Its patent-pending 360° rotating axis makes it easy to always find the right view for the right occasion. Its high-end exterior texture lends a premium look as well as long-term durability.

iPad Mini Case, Targus Versavu, Targus Versavu ipad mini


Look out for when it comes in stock on Targus’ website.



1. ClamCase for iPad Mini

ClamCase iPad mini keyboard case is the thinnest and lightest design yet. Featuring an Apple style keyboard that is both comfortable and effective. The ClamCase keyboard case for iPad mini provides unparalleled protections and offers infinite viewing angles. With its compact size and thousands of apps at your fingertips, ClamCase for iPad mini delivers the ultimate in productivity at an incredible price.

iPad Mini Case, ClamCase, ClamCase ipad mini


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Bonus: Jornal For iPad Mini

Jornal For iPad Mini, sena Jornal For iPad Mini, Jornal case for ipad mini, Jornal case, ipad mini Jornal

This casual yet sophisticated, Jornal case for iPad Mini, brings the comfort and simplicity of a daily journal with the sophistication of a premium leather case. It features, leather journal style two-tone design, integrated 2 position stand function and credit card and multi-purpose pocket.


Ships 11/30/2012 to 12/8/2012.


Preorder – $79.95

Regular – $89.95