Top 10 Holiday Destinations In 2012

Top 10 Holiday Destinations In 2012 1

Nothing can be more relaxing than enjoying the fullness of a holiday destination and experiencing new and interesting cultures. The whole idea is to bring to life as much as possible the spirit of adventure and to turn to it as the last resort. If anyone is still wondering about the top ten destinations for this year’s vacation they still have time to book one of these exquisite places to be in.

10. Slovenia

Slovenia, Slovenia holiday destination, Slovenia best vacation spot, Slovenia top holiday destination
Slovenia is one of the countries which embody the Croatian, Austrian and Italian blends with its own original way of viewing life. Because of its small size, it offers a great place for intimate attractions and unique relaxation. The city of Maribor is this year’s European cultural capital and there is something interesting happening all year round. The good food and the exceptional wines make Slovenia a great place to be.

Important highlights:

Registering with the official police is mandatory for a longer stay and this may be done by the accommodation owner.


The average price per night is around 300 dollars in really sophisticated hotels and can go as low as 20 dollars in hostels.

9. Vienna

Vienna, Vienna holiday destination, Vienna best vacation spot, Vienna top holiday destination

If someone has not been to Vienna, he must travel to it at least once in their lifetime. It is the ideal destination for a city break and can be fascinating all year round. Vienna is the capital of Austria and it is full of royalty symbols and architectural monuments. The shopping and the boutiques are at home in the seventh district and the food is famous for schnitzel, strudel and other Viennese cuisine dishes.

Important highlights:

There are many exhibitions all year round which cannot be missed. The Christmas fair is a must around December so everyone needs to take a peak at this festive tradition.


Bedding varies from 120 to 180 dollars per night in hotels. There is the possibility to rent bikes and other locomotion systems in order to visit the city.

8. Cambodia

Cambodia, Cambodia holiday destination, Cambodia best vacation spot, Cambodia top holiday destination

This country is probably the best definition of paradise. The island seems to be hidden from the inquisitive looks of the people and has the best beaches with white sand and crystal clear waters. From spas to adventure holiday alternatives, everything is possible in Cambodia.

Important highlights:

The local salute is not usually done by handshaking, but by putting the hands like in a prayer and taking a bow. Winter is the northern hemisphere is the best time to visit Cambodia.


Getting a room can be quite costly in this secluded destination. It can get to as much as 700 dollars per night.

7. Finland

Finland, Finland holiday destination, Finland best vacation spot, Finland top holiday destination

For the ones who love the Northern Lights, Finland is the ideal place to be. The fantastic show will be breathtaking for everyone and it may last even one hour. In the north part of Finland things get really exciting and Nellim is considered to be one of the best spots. Beside watching the sky there is the possibility of enjoying snowy safaris, fishing and skiing.

Important highlights:

The ideal season for Aurora is September to April.


A full stay of four nights can cost about 1,600 dollars with flights included.

6. Thailand

Thailand, Thailand holiday destination, Thailand best vacation spot, Thailand top holiday destination

The magic of Thailand makes everyone who has visited it want to return again. The beauty of the scenery is totally natural and the wildlife is abundant. There are plenty trekking trails and opportunities for biking and rafting. Besides the fascinating jungle, the spas are wonderful and people love the idea of a Thai massage or a lavishing treatment based on wines.

Important highlights:

November to February is the best time to visit Thailand as the climate is dry and more bearable.


A full board week staying may top to 3,500 dollars with everything included.

5. Oman

Oman, Oman holiday destination, Oman best vacation spot, Oman top holiday destination

If anyone wants to taste from the sophistication of the Middle East, Oman is the right destination. Its cultural life will not disappoint anyone and the Muscat capital is what most tourists need to be totally entertained. Anyhow, it is worth trying the Dhofar province which turns into a lush garden during the wet season.

Important highlights:

The religion of Oman is Islam and there is the need to respect their traditions and the way of life.


The cost of a six night pack is around 3,000 dollars per person.

4. Panama

Panama, Panama holiday destination, Panama best vacation spot, Panama top holiday destination

Visiting Panama in 2012 is ideal in order to explore another part of the world and to see the way cosmopolitan lifestyle blends with the old town. The Panama Canal is quite impressive and so is the museum dedicated to the people who have died trying to build it. Therefore, a safari on the canal will give a great satisfactory as crocks can easily be seem to swim close to the boat.

Important highlights:

There is not much of a tourism movement in Panama due to the bountiful earnings from the Canal. However, the tourists are welcomed between December and April.


For a twelve night stay in Panama, the cost can get up to 6,000 dollars.

3. Ukraine

Ukraine, Ukraine holiday destination, Ukraine best vacation spot, Ukraine top holiday destination

As in 2012, Ukraine was one of the hosts of the European football championship; it got totally marked on the map as one of the top destinations. If the interest was for the football or just simple entertainment, this country would offer both without any discrimination. Kiev and Lviv are two of the most beautiful cities in the country with great architecture and excellent atmosphere.

Important highlights:

Ukrainians are really superstitious people so it is better to accept their strange habits. Also visiting the place can be done all year round.


A room in downtown Kiev can cost up to 170 dollars per night.

2. Chile

Chile, Chile holiday destination, Chile best vacation spot, Chile top holiday destination

This is probably one of the most interesting countries as it draws tourists from all over the place. The Southern Highway is an attraction for the ones who enjoy a road trip on the wild side. It is a place of peace and solitude as the vast valleys and a bunch of condors will be the only companions for a long time from now.

Important highlights:

October to March is the ideal time to visit the place. Also there is the possibility to visit Easter Island while in Chile.


A trip of thirteen days with everything included is about 6,500 dollars. It covers full accommodation, flights and a personal car.

1. Burma

Burma, Burma holiday destination, Burma best vacation spot, Burma top holiday destination

For many people Burma is the ideal place to travel back in time. The tourism is not done extensively and this is good for the ones who do not prefer crowded places. There are indeed a lot of fees as the military is in control of most things. However sites like Yangon is magnificent for the blend of Victorian buildings and the traditional pagodas. The golden Buddha from Mandalay is another thing that no one is supposed to miss in Burma.

Important highlights:

This place is not really refined for massive tourism and it will need a lot of patience to learn to admire the true beauties.


The cost of a tour that includes Yangon, Mandalay, Inle and Bagan is about 4,000 dollars and it includes thirteen days of scheduled beauties.