Top 10 Gadgets You Shouldn’t Buy

5. Polaroid 300 Instant Camera

Polaroid has a great history in photography by allowing their users to instantly see how their photo came out by shaking it out and seeing appear before their eyes. Now smartphones have taken over in this sector as well with instant viewing, sharing, and printing at any point. You could still purchase one of these ancient devices but would you really want to?

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4. Toshiba DVD/VCR Player

It always nice to show off a collection of movies and television shows lined up in the cabinets below your favorite media viewer, but now everything has turned to streaming through Netflix, iTunes, or on Demand. You can simply rent a movie or watch your favorite episode of Lost by just using your remote, so time to throw out the VCR & DVD combo player and never consider buying one again.

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3. Bytecc USB External Floppy Disk Drive

We’ve all heard the stories about how 512 megabytes of memory used to fill entire rooms at the prestigious universities that were able to afford it, and then after many advances in storage technology the floppy disk came to assist in backing-up all your important files. But that was soon dominated by CDs, SD cards, flash drives, and now even the cloud has beat out those dinosaurs of data; so if you are even considering this external floppy drive, just remember that it can probably be found on the internet.

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2. Coby CX-244 Portable AM/FM Cassette Player

Needless to say, the cassette is a few generations out of touch now with mp3 players and smartphones allowing us to listening to several albums in one sitting without having to flip to side B. Although a boombox can come in handy for the random party situation, all you need is an iPod dock and you have all the music you’ll right at your fingertips.

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1. AT&T Adjunct Answering Machine

Before the age of mobile communications, answering machines were the home secretaries to let us know who had called and what did they want, but now most people don’t even have a landline at home and use there cell phones as their home phone too.

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Visual voicemail and speech-to-text has made answering any missed call much more convenient and efficient, so take your eyes off this ancient beast and look forward to what will top whatever we have now.