Steve Job’s Dream Yacht – The Venus – Unveiled

Steve Job's Dream Yacht - The Venus - Unveiled

Apple has always been more than a producer of great technological advances; they have also focused a lot about the design of their products and how that can best benefit their customers. That focus is primarily thanks to Steve Jobs, who concentrated on perfection every step of the way since the Apple II. His drive for great design extends beyond just music players, computers, and mobile electronics; it is seen in the stores and Apple’s own headquarters as well, and now it is seen in the yacht he helped create before his passing, the Venus.

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The Venus, so named after the goddess of beauty, prosperity and victory, is between 230 and 260 feet long and, as you can see from the picture above, quite a magnificent water vehicle. It was dreamed up by the brilliant minds of Steve Jobs and minimalist designer Philippe Starck, and made its debut in a Dutch shipyard on Sunday in the company of Jobs’ remaining family. The family gifted the crew who crafted this unique yacht a letter of sincere thanks and an iPod Shuffle with the boat’s name inscribed on the back.

One of the most amazing features of this newly christened vessel is the seven 27-inch iMacs on the bridge of the ship to monitor and control all of its functions. Besides the iPhone 5, this is one of the last projects worked on by the Apple founder. He was determined to at least have the design completed before his passing as he had guessed he may not have lived to see this day, but he would not give in to his pre-determined fate and fought to see it through.

What would you give to cruise the seas on the Venus, and what other wonders do you suppose could be aboard?