Microsoft Office Coming To iOS and Android In March Of Next Year

Microsoft Office Coming To iOS and Android In March Of Next Year

Windows 8 is on the horizon and with it should be a multitude of tablet/hybrid devices for the very touch-friendly OS. These devices should also have an all new Microsoft Office enhanced for touch to pair with Windows 8 to make a perfect and portable production device. Then, down the road, this new Office will be coming to iOS and Android.

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Now this is not just some gossip swirling around the rumor mill, it has been confirmed by a Microsoft product manager. At a an event in the Czech republic earlier today, the manager stated that native versions of Microsoft Office home and student should be made available in March 2013. It will also be seen on Windows Phone, Windows RT, Mac OS, and Symbian to try to reach as many consumers as possible.

There are many alternatives to the Office Suite, however it is the most common set of business tools found in education and professional sectors. There is no word of a price tag for this new native suite but one can assume it will be a pretty penny for the convenience of Office on your iPad.

Do you think you will be buying this new app, or set of apps, upon release or are you happy enough with what you have now?