How Tech Savvy Are You If You’re Over 50

How Tech Savvy Are You If You're Over 50

Reaching and passing the tender age of fifty has a number of connotations and there even seems to be a stigma attached by the younger society. Teenage children seem to think that their fifty years old parents suddenly need help when it comes to using the computer or working out how to watch a program on “playback” that they missed on TV the previous evening. The children seem to forget that it wasn’t many years ago that one of their parents used to set the video recorder to do the same thing so, if anything, today’s technology has made things easier for the over 50’s.

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In the current economic climate there are an increasing number of people over the age of 50 who find themselves on the “job scrapheap” looking for work for the first time since they left school. In the past they would have to trudge around the job center, recruitment agencies and knock on a few doors of businesses on their local trading estates looking for work. Not any more. It is so easy and quick to go on the Internet and register online with numerous recruitment agencies and job vacancy sites to then start applying for jobs online. It is even possible to get help online to complete a suitable CV.

If the kids have grown up and emigrated to Australia it is easy for parents to keep in touch in so many ways. The landline phone provider may offer an “international dialing” option that costs a minimal amount per month extra in exchange for which calls can be made at a vastly reduced rate per minute. Webcams allow both children and parents to see each other whilst having a conversation over 20,000 miles apart and e-mails have speeded up the process of communicating in writing.

When it gets to that time of the year to renew the car insurance it is straight forward enough to go on the Internet and get some quotes and product details from various car insurance companies via one of the price comparison websites. Some insurance companies provide a policy designed specifically for the over 50s and, if it is possible to get the same cover cheaper elsewhere, it is easy to set up the new policy and pay for it online.

The days of having to pop into the bank to transfer money from a savings account into the current account or cancel a direct debit are long gone. Nowadays this can be done from the comfort of the home using a bank’s online facility. This is of particular benefit to those who are rather frail and would find popping into town to visit the bank rather wearisome.

Yes-technology has proved beneficial for the over 50’s many of whom have grasped the opportunities this has presented them with. For those who haven’t, they will be pleased to know that there are a number of courses available where they can learn to use some of these resources. And so the question, recently posted by Castle Cover is, whatever your age is, how tech savvy are you? Just head over to the following link and complete the survey.