GizmoCrazed’s Top Posts Of The Week

GizmoCrazed's Top Posts Of The Week

In case you missed it, here is a look back at last week’s best posts on

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Discovery of Superman-Strength Bacteria That Produces Pure Gold

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Scientists from Michigan State University have discovered a bacteria named Cupriavidus metallidurans that uses gold chloride to make 99.9% pure 24-karat gold. More here.

10 Gadgets You Shouldn’t Buy

New technology is being revealed almost every week but there are some gadgets that are not worth your time nor money. More here.

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10 Most Iconic Building In The World

A list of most iconic building from across the globe. More here.

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BlackBerry 10 – RIM’s Last Hope

Back in 2003, with it’s superb security and excellent email application RIM made a device that no serious professional would be without. Now the company is holding onto one last hope to save their drowning company, BlackBerry 10. More here.

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The Edge Effect – Making Mirrors Into Paintings

The Edge Effect, Edge Effect, Daniel Kukla Edge Effect, mirror photographs, Photographs of Mirrors that look like paintings, paintings Mirror photographs, Daniel Kukla Mirror photographs

Daniel Kukla’s breathtaking photos of mirrors on easels in the desert that look like paintings. More here.