GizmoCrazed’s Top Posts Of The Week

GizmoCrazed’s Top Posts Of The Week

Last week was all about leaked iPad Mini pictures, Coke powered smartphones and Samsung unveiling the Galaxy S III Mini. Here’s a look back at last week’s Top posts on

Apple iPad Mini Pictures Leaked

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Some very realistic leaked photos of the upcoming Apple iPad Mini — More here.

This Mobile Phone Runs on Coke

Coke-Powered Cellphone, Coca cola Powered Cellphone, Coca cola mobile phone, Mobile Phone Runs on Coke

A designer, Daizi Zheng, has created a cellphone that has battery which runs on sugar or, in this case, coca cola — More here.

Samsung Announces Galaxy S III Mini

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Samsung attempts to please the smaller screen consumers with the Galaxy S III Mini — More here.

What Kind Of Social Media Addict Are You?

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Learn about the social media habits that lead to a severe social sickness and massive decrease in productivity — More here.