Any motorist who’s anxious about the cost of everything from fuel to insurance may find that, in this climate, saving money is something that may be difficult. Some car owners are aware of the various channels by which they can try to drive down the cost of their monthly premiums such as visiting price comparison websites and talking to insurers directly about getting cheaper car insurance from, but there are other ways. It may be possible that smartphone apps could help motorists to save money, but how?

Apps That Could Help Save Money On Car Insurance

Many motorists are aware that safer drivers generally pay less for car insurance as they’re less likely to be involved in a breakdown or accident and are therefore less likely to make a claim. Plenty of insurers have released apps for iPhones, Android and Blackberry Smartphones that monitor speed, cornering accuracy and breaking, all of which are great indicators of safe driving.

Two such apps that have been developed track drivers over distances of between 200 and 250 miles. Although they perform similar functions to black boxes, these apps can be used much more easily, and are considerably less expensive. They can also prove that someone is driving safely, something that many insurers value greatly. Insurers themselves are behind the idea of similar smartphone apps being developed, as they could also make savings from letting their customers download them.

A handful of critics think that, although such apps are very useful, it’s possible that the most risky groups of motorists such as younger men are unlikely to use them. However, young drivers who own smartphones are often charged a lot for cover as they may have less driving experience, so proving that they’re safe when they’re on the road will surely help them to save money and be charged less for their insurance policies.