New is always better, that is the philosophy many tech enthusiasts follow upon the release of a new operating system update comes along, but it seems that Windows users are a little slow to catch up with the times. Three years after its inception, Windows 7 has finally become the most used operating system on the planet.

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Up until this past August report from Net Applications, Windows XP has continually been the most used operating system; now the Windows 7 has taken the lead with a 42.76% market share and barely surpassing XP’s 42.52%. Some people may wonder what happened to Microsoft’s ill-fated Vista OS; well that disappointment has been sitting at 6.15%. That share is still higher than Mac OS X 10.7 and 10.7, which holds a slice of 4.83%.

Windows 8 is expected to be released on October 26th and whose to say how long it will take such a huge change in Microsoft’s style to take hold of the desktop market, especially when it is geared toward touchscreen devices. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.