This Is The World’s Most Realistic Formula 1 Racing Simulator

This Is The World's Most Realistic Formula 1 Racing Simulator

There are a multitude of racing games out there, each getting more realistic in its graphics over time, and, when you combine that with the awesome wheel and pedal controllers, it almost looks/feels like the real thing. But wouldn’t you like if it felt exactly like you were driving a Ferrari Formula 1 racecar?

The Italian simulator company, Evotek, took that thought to heart and created the SYM 026, which is the closest any normal person will get to that true F1 experience; or at least any person with $90,000.

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While the machine was originally designed to train professionals, it has found a niche with the rich and bored who want a rush of excitement without the dangers of death. It has garnered so much attention that even arcades around the world are accepting its steep asking price, and charging about $8 per three minute race. The video experience alone could be worth a ride in this amazing machine, but the real value of the technology comes from the shock towers in the rear of the simulator.

These shocks were used on Ferrari’s active F1 cars before the FIA banned them, and they are the key to producing pitch, roll, and yaw in the simulator, essentially everything a real driver feels on the track. When you mix that with a 120-degree view of pebbles flying and hairpin turns, then you have yourself the ultimate F1 simulator.

Check out the video below to see the awesome experience for yourself and maybe search around your area to see if any of the arcades have picked one up as well. If you had 90 grand to spare, would this be your first use for it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.