The Popinator – A Voice-Activated Popcorn Shooter

The Popinator - A Voice-Activated Popcorn Shooter

How fun is it when you and your friends try to toss food into each others’ mouths, especially popcorn? Of course there is always that one friend who can’t throw to save their life and end up hitting someone in the eye, but what if you could have a machine do all that for you by just saying, “Pop”?

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Well a company called Popcorn Indiana, sought out to make that dream machine come to life, thus The Popinator was born. This nifty little device will listen for the word “pop” and know exactly the distance to shoot it in order to make into that person’s mouth; it is such a simplistic action with so much technology behind it. Of course, like snowflakes, every piece of popcorn is different, so some shots may require a bit of maneuvering on the person’s part in order to hit the target.

Unfortunately, this project is still in the testing phase so no details on pricing or purchasing is available at this time, but, from the video below, this gadget would be perfect to liven up the afternoon board meetings or office parties.