The iPhone 5 Is The Fastest Smartphone Available Today

The iPhone 5 Is The Fastest Smartphone Available Today

We have seen the Geekbench scores but there are loads of other tests to confirm that the iPhone 5 is indeed the fastest smartphone available to consumers today: Sunspider, Browsermark, Google V8, Octane, and GLBenchmark. After the iPhone 5 was put through its paces, it has been validated that it is indeed a very fast smartphone.

iPhone 5 A6 chip, A6 chip iphone 5

Now this is not saying it is the fastest phone by a small bit; it has doubled the performance of the iPhone 4S, which is no slow smartphone by any means, and even beats the 3rd-gen iPad in every test by a good margin. After besting its own devices, Apple’s newest iPhone also beats out its competition, which carries the latest quad-core chipsets and graphic processors. The HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S III, and the LG Optimus G all gave their best shot at defeating this superphone but failed in the end.

iPhone 5 Browsermark, iPhone 5 Browsermark, iPhone 5 Benchmark

iPhone 5 Sunspider, iPhone 5 Benchmark

This is not to say that another phone may not best it anytime soon; the rate of updating hardware and software for mobile technology is getting faster and faster as the competition increasing between Apple, Google, Microsoft, and now even Mozilla Firefox is looking to enter the competition sometime in 2013. So it could be this year or the next when the title of the world’s fastest smartphone is taken but, until then, Apple can pride itself on building a piece of technology worth that title.

Do these results make you want the iPhone 5 even more or is it all just numbers to you? Let us know what you think in the comments below.