The Coolest Smartphone Features In 2012

The Coolest Smartphone Features In 2012

Long gone are the days when the coolest smartphones on the block were the ones with a camera that took grainy photos, allowed calls to be made without roaming charges, and had three games pre-programmed into it. Today, coolest smartphones are ones that come equipped with a multitude of features that allows them to serve as tiny computers, handheld tablets, personal organizers and telephones.

Samsung Galaxy S III Samsung Galaxy S 3, Samsung GS3

The following is a look at some of the amazing features that can be found on some of the latest smartphone models. If you have a desire to own one of the coolest smartphones of 2012 then consider looking for a phone that comes with one or more of these amazing features.

The New Age Way to Read – eReaders

Paperbacks and hard covered books are slowly becoming obsolete as technology ushers in new ways to enjoy favorite novels. EReaders are tiny handheld devices that allow you to download favorite novels and read them at a push of a button. Many smartphones feature the ability to download a simple app that can transform your phone or smartphone into a tiny eReader.

Apps that can be downloaded to turn your phone into an eReader include:

  • eReader
  • Ibis Reader
  • Stanza
  • Kobo
  • Txtr
  • Aldiko
  • Bookstore specific apps for Kindle or Nook

In addition to apps, some smartphones feature the ability to allow you to read books inside the Internet browser. Any device with the ability to connect to the Internet can be used as an eReader with this option.

Almost every smartphone that was released in 2012 can be used as an eReader, but some come with faster download speeds, clearer screens and other features that enhance the reading experience. Phones that can turn into handheld reading devices include:

  • Motorola Artix
  • Samsung Galaxy Note
  • iPhone 5
  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Never Ask for Directions Again – GPS Unit

Toss away the paper maps and clunky GPS units because with a touch of a button you can pull up everything you need on your smartphone. Many models released in 2012 either came with a pre-programmed GPS application or have the ability to download such an application.

GPS units are tiny devices that use carefully positioned satellites to provide turn-by-turn directions to from one location to another. All you have to do is program where you are located and where you want to go, and the device will be your guide.

If you never wish to get lost again consider equipping yourself with these great smartphones that can transform into GPS units with a push of a button. These phones include:

Point, Swish, and Touch – The Touch Screen Feature

The smartphones of yesteryear all featured tiny little buttons that were used and relied upon to make calls, surf the Internet or send text messages. The phones of 2012 feature touch screen capabilities that make the small buttons a thing of the past.

A touch screen is an interactive display screen that features the technology to control all aspects of the phone with a few swipes or touches of a finger. Instead of pushing buttons, all aspects of the phone are controlled via the touch screen. Texting, phone dialing, playing games and other features can all be done with just a few taps on a touch screen.

Touch screen phones are considered extremely cool because of their interactive nature and their quick response times. The best phones released in 2012 that contained a touch screen include:

Strike a Pose and Capture a Memory – Camera or Video Capabilities

The ability to capture every moment is right in the palm of your hand with many of these smartphones that were released in 2012. Built into each device is a tiny camera that can capture crystal clear photos and videos. These videos can be stored on the phone, downloaded to a computer or uploaded to the Internet all with a push of a button or tap of the touch screen.

Cameras may take pictures just like their handheld counterparts, but they are extremely different. In order to produce high-quality, crystal clear photos need to have a variety of features including a quality image sensor, a high megapixel count, a good aperture and an included flash.

Numerous phones were released in 2012 that included a camera, but not all of them had the capabilities to capture high-quality photos and videos. Phones that feature a high-powered image sensor, a megapixel count of five or higher, or an aperture of a lower number.

If you don’t want to miss a moment or worry about grainy, hard to see photos consider the following smartphones:

Owning one of the coolest smartphones of 2012 isn’t about how sleek or shiny it looks; it’s all about the features that come included with the phone. Cameras, eReaders, GPS units and touch screens are all the features you want and need on a phone to make it awe-inspiring and totally hip. Taking just a few moments to research the T-Mobile cell phone features to make sure they include some of these awesome features will guarantee that you’re walking around with one of the coolest phones of 2012.