Solid Gold iPhone 5 Being Sold In Dubai, Cost Only $5000

Post the release of the iPhone 5, there have been many case-makers going for the title of the most expensive or “bling-ed out” case on the market. A company in Dubai took that challenge one step further and just coated their inventory of Apple’s newest smartphone in solid gold.

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Gold & Co, which is a London-based company, announced they will have 24-karat iPhone 5 on sale this Thursday at their Dubai Mall location. Each phone is custom-made for each customer and delivered in a hand-crafted wooden box paired with a certificate of authenticity to prove to your friends that you have money to burn on this extravagant smartphone. If you’re interested in purchasing one for yourself, the yellow gold and black device will run you about $4600 while the rose gold and white model is slightly more expensive at around $5000.

Do you have the five grand to drop on this amazing luxury phone and if so, is that what you would use it on? Let us know your rich plans in the comments.

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