Look Out California, Self-Driving Cars Are Now Legal

Look Out California, Self-Driving Cars Are Now Legal

After Google-Glass, Self-Driving cars has been one of the biggest public projects Google has in development, and now it’s taken one more step to going into actual production with the okay to legally drive on streets of California.

Google's Self-Driving Car, Self-Driving Car google

Governor Brown traveled to Google HQ this week to sign a bill that “creates a legal framework and safety standards for autonomous vehicles on state roads and highways.” However, this bill is more of a public display of approval than legal issue since no California law states that there must be a driver in a car. This is a logical thought since who would have thought that there could ever be an everyday motor vehicle traveling down the highway without a person in the driver’s seat?

California is not the only state legally allowing autonomous vehicles; the other Sunshine State (Florida) and Nevada both have laws allowing driverless vehicles as well, unfortunately there are many states between these three adventurous territories so the first cross-country driverless road trip is not quite possible yet.

How soon do you think it will be before you see a self-driving car passing by your home?